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Dear friends,
I would like to share something of great value n change in my life.
U all know the difficulties Wildrik n me have been facing in our marriage n personal lives.
Till recently I was lost n could not understand why all of a sudden so much negativity was within our lives. One fine day I was introduced to a very young n easy going horoscope reader. He masters in numbers and is great with giving solutions that are firstly practical n in expensive.
He was very friendly and I sent him my birth details which are a basis to all help in Indian culture. I am not just in awe but baffled by his bulls eye reading and understanding of this difficult time in my life. Sine he lives in Delhi we have been communicating only by phone so no means of him talking n getting info from my friends. His readings n future things to come have made a big difference in my life and with his steps to reconstruct our lives Wil n me are so much happier. Lot better than we were few months ago.
I have had great pleasure in inviting him over to Hk for a visit. He intends to be here the 25- 28 th April. He also specializes in Vastu Shastra. N hence I will be asking him to help with our present home n the children's health n well being. I would like to invite u to come n see him. Meet him if u feel there are things u r not so happy about n would like some change. Pls don't feel obliged as I am just sharing a good contact with you.
He also does havans n home poojas. Like I said just sharing my happiness with u guys!!!!

Spot on accurate readings I am amazed!

They helped me to overcome my weakness.

I will always be thankful to Mangal Pandit ji for his exceptionally good guidance.

Letter of Appreciation

9th August'12 at 12;39 pm from Hongkong Dear Sunnyil Ji,
Probably you will not remember me. I happent o meet you while passing your Property Exhibition stall at Hongkong Convention Center, sometime beginning of this year. I am a Non-Believer of Astrology and Numerology and believes in the doctrine of " Swami Vivekananda" who says "Anything that makes you weak do not touch withy our feet also".
Nevertheless when I met you although you explained of it , I never believed in it. However you said there will be change of Job and Promotion before my next birthday on 9th Sep'12. There is a change of Job and apparently promotion as well although there is a drop in salary.
As I said, I will get in touch with you if it happens and it Happened.
A Sincere thanks to you. I do not know if I will get to meet you ever but I will narrate this story in my close circle.
Thanks & Best Regards
Best Wisher from Hongkong !.