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We all know that every human being wants to attain Health, Wealth & Happiness. But inspite of best efforts very few people in the world are satisfied with their achievements. We go to a Astrologer for changing our luck but unavailability of exact time of birth oft proves a constraint to get accurate diagnosis of our problems & remedies thereof.

Consultations with a Vasstu expert also does not help always; since most of us have our limitations to make additions/alteration in the properties.

This is particularly true in case of Govt. accommodations, rented premises, apartments, flats, society accommodations, floors etc.
Here is a simple, uncontroversial, practical, least expensive yet effective system to understand your deeper nature, your talents and life goals, your hidden characteristic, opportunities& challenges. It has been churned out form the deep ocean of ancient knowledge and offer is a self-help tool, providing a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. There is recorded evidence of numerology's use ten thousand years ago it was in use in our ancient cultures of Greece, China, Rome and Egypt as well.
The technique is based on a chart also shown as Loshu-Grid in Chinese Literature. Its genesis has taken place from the Lakshmi Yantra. It is shaped like a tortoise-just like Kachchhap, the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu; the husband of Laxmi, the Golden of wealth, as per all Indian mythological texts.

Numerology Consultant Delhi | Numerology Consultant | Numerology  Tips | Numerology Expert

In this grid, many groups formed by 1 to 9 numbers have been analyzed and wonderful experience/feedback received during our practice of last 3 decades. In this grid, the total of all numbers when they are added up vertically or straight, horizontally, downwards, diagonally or sideways, comes to be 15 only. This grid is also known as a miraculous (Magic Square) grid and it is also believed that it compensates the missing energies in one's date of birth and it also enhances the luck of the house as well as that of the person.

Numerology Consultant Delhi | Numerology Consultant | Numerology  Tips | Numerology Expert

Let us study this grid minutely and try to understand why it is so important.
No-1 Represent Water-element
Nos 2, 5,8 Represent Earth-element
Nos3,4 Represent Wood-element
Nos 6, 7 Represent Metal-element
No 9 Represent Fire-element

HOW TO USE THE 'Laxmi-Yantra'
Let us, for example, take July 12, 1977 as the date of birth. Put the numbers of the date of birth in the Loshu-grid in the following manner:

Numerology Consultant Delhi | Numerology Consultant | Numerology  Tips | Numerology Expert

We see that-
(a) In the chart, 3 and 4 numbers (the representatives of the wood-element) are not there. So, there will be a lack of progress in life.
What is the remedy? To make up for the lack of numbers 3 and 4 (wood-element), wear good quality of Rudraksha bead or any wooden bracelet and use wooden body pen.
(b) Numbers 5 and 8 (the representatives of the earth¬ element, are not there in the chart. So, the person concerned will not be effective in his speech and activities. So, he or she will not be able to get success in life.
Remedy: Wear a necklace of silica. Light up a yellow bulb in the middle of the room. Put up posters of the Himalayas or s ome other high mountain (without showing the river or any other water-source) in the south-western corner of your bedroom and the office. For strength and stability.
(c) Number 6 (the representative of the metal-element) is not there in the chart. It means that the person concerned will lack friends and supporters. He or she will have to struggle on his or her own for progress in life.
Remedy: Wear a bracelet of the yellow metal in your hand or wear a watch with a yellow strap. Generally, women wear golden bangles or bracelet. So, they never face this problem. Hang golden or yellow wind-chimes with five rods in the (North-West) part of the house or the office and keep an energised yellow or golden pyramid in the north-west.
In this chart, the entire line of 3, 4 and 8 numbers is invisible. It means that this person will feel shy of asking for anything in his life.
From the following table, we will find out as to which element is lacking in a particular date of birth and what is the remedy for that the chart will also give in brief the effect of a particular direction in our day to day life.

No. Direction Element Effect Remedy
1. North Water career Keep a decorative fountain/ aquarium.
2. South-West Big Earth Love Fix a poster of waterless mountains with high peaks wear a pendant necklace of silica a ring of pearls. Keep a pair of rose quartz balls or ducks or wear rhodocrosite gemstone.
3. East Wood Health Put up sceneries of green trees. Keep a Swastik Made up of Naagkesar.
4. South-East Wood Wealth Put up sceneries of green trees.
5. Middle Earth Balance Fix a poster of waterless mountains with high peaks wear a pendant necklace of silica a ring of pearls. Keep a pyramid made of stone in S/W
6. North-West Metal Mentors Luck Use a watch with a golden chain. Hang golden or yellow wind-chime with six rods of 11 inches length.
7. West Metal Children Use a watch with a golden chain. Hang white or silver wind-chime with seven rods of 11 inches length.
8. North-East Small Earth Education Keep a Ganga Kalash full of water. Wear a necklace/pendant of silica.
9. South Fire Fame Light a red bulb. Keep a red energized pyramid in south of room use furnishings having triangles in the design.

We are sure that with the simple tips given in this table enlightened readers can makes their sweet life sweeter bitter less bitter.