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The orbit of planet has relation to its mass ,bulk, and velocity ; and similarly the significance of number answers to definite typical specimen. By all of which we mean no more than this ; that there is a system of interpretation on in Numerology which is supported by experience but has its origin beyond the kingdom of the remarkable word. If no system existed, it would be impossible to prove the geometrical relations of thoughts.

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Vaastumap analysis vaastu visits vaastu courses vaastu gadget

According to vedic texts, the meaning of the word Vaastu, is the land suitable for building of house.

The word Vastu is derived from the hindi word " Vas Vase", which means a place where humans resides.

The vedic name of the lord of Vastu is known as "Vaastuaspati".

The origin of Vaastu can be traced to centuries back and some of its principles are available in various Vedic Vedas and Scriptures.

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Astrologyvedic poojas astrology match making lal kitab

The true goal of astrology is not to shape your opinion, nor to determine your behavoir but to provide you with the necessary information to make an enlightened decision. The knowledge which astrology brings us allows us to discover and explore our inner being, to understand our personal psychology and reveal our inherent potential. A full analysis of a natal chart can shed an incredible light on our inner selves and can serve as an invaluable guide for the rest of our lives.

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Lo-shu Numerology (Feng shui)spot reading without date of birth know ur finance number

We all know that every human being wants to attain Health, Wealth & Happiness. But inspite of best efforts very few people in the world are satisfied with their achievements. We go to a Astrologer for changing our luck but unavailability of exact time of birth oft proves a constraint to get accurate diagnosis of our problems & remedies thereof.

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Gemstone Therapycrystal numerology zodiac gemstones chakra gem stones disease gem stones aura crystals crystal grids crystal vaastu

Our body is composed of cosmic radiation's and seven colours- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red - which become imbalanced in course of time. Astral gems are carefully selected for use to affect the body beneficially through their measured radiation's.

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Divyine Healingpersonal healing therapy

Divyine Touch is the use of Divyine Spark for Healing. The ultimate Source of Divyine Touch is God -
Who is the Source of all Life. The Divyine Touch Spark passes from God through mangal pandit, then to the patient's etheric, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The Healing Spark may also be passed directly from the God Presence of the healer to the patient.

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PalmistryPalmistry , Gems, Flying star analysis, Annual forecast

Palmistry, also known as Chirology, is a marvelous edifice today. It borrows its stones from the ancient civilizations of all lands. Your palm is your personality. Just like your fingerprint, each palm is unique. And this uniqueness of your hands expresses your individuality. Your palm lines denote different aspects of your destiny.

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